Type: Junction/Power Feed


Location: Just off the I-5 Freeway near Dunnigan


Paths: Barryessa Peak.

Notes: Not much with microwave, having only one path, Dunnigan was a major junction point for terrestrial traffic in Northern California.  Dunnigan served as the junction of the cables from Sacramento to Point Arena.  Dunnigan was built in the early 1970s and serves the same functions as other sites in California such as Newhall Junction, Mojave and Lodi.  Coaxial cable into Dunnigan was from Sacramento, Cloverdale (Point Arena feed) and the "north" cable through Redding (with a branch from Chico radio).  Early fiber was routed through Dunnigan and it was the connection point for fiber running from Oakland and Sacramento.  A transcontinental fiber route then went from Dunnigan northeast through Red Bluff and into Nevada eastward.  Outside plant equipment is stored at Dunnigan


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  From a distance.

  Overall site

  Buildings at site.

  Tower with horns pointed west to Berryessa Peak.

Another view of tower with equipment at base.

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