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Central offices of Missouri.  More to come......




A 5 ESS RSM hosted by the Cape Girardeau No 5 ESS.  This office nearly got taken out by the Mississippi River flooding in the mid-1990s.  It doesn't sit very close to the Mississippi but it is not far from a small tributary, the Big River.  That flood brought rapid growth in this small town to a halt when people discovered it was on a hundred year flood plain.  This office is one of the many which serves as a fiber optic route repeater point for SBC's interoffice facility network serving southeast Missouri.


This office sits in downtown Sedalia where the annual Missouri state fair is held.  This office still has the old Southwestern Bell script chiseled into the fašade of the building.  The fašade was applied to the building before the addition was built.

Old Exchanges: TAylor



Houses an Erricson remote hosted by the AXE in Kennett. Before the external earthquake bracing was applied this was a beautiful little building with arched windows filled with glass blocks above the traditional windows of a rural business office in a small farming community.





It is the host Nortel DMS100 for a number of towns which comprise the "Sikeston cluster".  There are signs on the parking lot to let you know it is an SBC employee lot and, to the right of the front door, is the banner shown in the second picture, telling the world that the Southwestern Bell Information Superhighway is being built inside.

Old Exchanges: GRanite



Smithville is a small town just north of Kansas City.



Before they were replaced by a No. 5ESS switch this building housed two No1A ESS Control Groups, a theoretical 200,000 lines!

Old Exchanges: UNiversity



Old Exchanges: TEmple



The Central Office serves the customer base just northeast of the Springfield city limits.



Another NO. 5ESS RSM hosted by the Eldon, MO No 5 ESS.  It serves a tiny farming community east of the Lake of the Ozarks.  30 years ago Southwestern Bell had little use for these rural offices, today they are convenient places to place fiber optic repeaters.  In addition, the availability of broadband optical connections has made it possible for sophisticated users who need lots of bandwidth to locate their businesses in these beautiful recreational locales.



A 5ESS remote hosted by Valley Park CO.  Office used to host operators in the early days, and the reason for the windows.

Old Exchanges: LUcerne



Office houses a No. 5 ESS switch.  The town was a resort for the rich of St. Louis in the late 1890s and early 1900s.  It suffered a long slide until about 20 years ago, when the Corps of Engineers figured out that they needed to stop people from rebuilding houses on the Merrimac river after floods.  The town is positively robust now and a huge amount of new housing has new access and/ or DSL lines from this central office.


This office houses an Ericsson remote hosted by the Linn, MO AXE.  This is a little farm town southwest of Linn and the office sits right in the center of the small business district. 

Old Exchanges: GArfield



It is located in this small town northwest of Springfield, MO.

Old Exchanges: WYdown



This office houses a Lucent No.5 ESS Remote Switching Module hosted by the Fenton Central Office.  This is a Missouri river town.  The faded sign at the right of the front door is no longer legible from the south.,  However, from the North one can still see that it is an old pay phone sign which says, "Southwestern Bell Telephone".



Houses a remote switch hosted by the Kennett AXE10.  It is another of the externally earthquake braced offices in Southeast Missouri.



This is the newest SBC Central Office in Missouri.  It is less than 5 years old.  The  5ESS RSM in the old CO was cut to this new office with a new Nortel DMS switch in 2000.  This office serves a large industrial park, a new Citibank building and a lot of residential in St. Charles County, Missouri.  Given the rate at which the area is growing this office will need a second floor addition within 2 to 3 years.



This office houses an Erricson remote switch hosted by the Mexico AXE10.  The cinder block construction is perfect for an office in rural locations where violent spring and summer storms are not unusual.  There are no architectural frills on this rural office, it says "Utility" and nothing else.  SBC always is a good neighbor, see the well groomed lawn and well maintained chain link fence.

Old Exchanges: MUrdock



The building has an unusual siding on it so it fits in well with this small residential town.  It houses an AXE remote hosted by the AXE10 in Linn, MO.

Old Exchanges: GLencourt

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