Type: Junction/Power Feed?

Callsign: NWHLCA

Location: Just off the I-5 Freeway at Lyons Avenue in the City of Newhall

LAT/LONG: 34.37794 / -118.56391

Paths: Hauser Mountain and Whitaker Peak .

Notes: Newhall Junction was a major point for traffic transition north-south between Los Angeles and northern California.  A relatively newer addition to the AT&T system having been built after 1979 during the addition of fiber optic cable from Sherman Oaks to Bakersfield.  Newhall became a junction point for this cable and possibly served as a power feed for the F/O cable, microwave transitions and Outside Plant Service as evidence from equipment in rear lot.  Building was nicely designed to fit in with surrounding commercial/retial area.

(Thanks to Scott Allen for pics)


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overall.jpg (33879 bytes) Overall view of building looking east. Note standard equipment "doors" for moving switching equipment into/out of building.

neside.jpg (22759 bytes) Closer view looking toward the southwest.

mwhorns.jpg (19753 bytes) Microwave horns looking toward the south.

mwclose.jpg (21696 bytes) Close up of microwave horns.

mwstruct.jpg (36432 bytes) "Tower" structure detail.

rearlot.jpg (37636 bytes) Outside plant equipment and trucks.  Note "Snocat" in rear for access to the mountainous regions during the winter. (Yes even Socal mountains can get tons of snow!)

sign.jpg (36780 bytes) AT&T sign over Spanish style entrance.

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