AT&T Long Lines Retired Microwave sites in California


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A Tribute to Direct Distance Dialing, the AT&T Long Lines Microwave Network of California and Telephone Central Offices of the Nation

 "1245" Telephone Central Office Pictures and counting

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Alabama Central Offices
10 COs

"The only thing left after a nuclear explosion would be cockroaches and central offices."  Ron Marts of Telcordia


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The Ghost of Pacific Telephone lives on!!

(Richmond Central Office in California)

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A note about picture contributions; I have had some contributions come in that are taken from Google Earth Street View. Although this is an easy way to fill up office pictures, I think it takes away from the quality of office shots. Who knows, maybe in the future this might be the route to take, but at this time I think the traditional photos serve their purpose. Thank you for those contributing actual photos!


For Katrina damage pictures see: Hurricane Katrina Damage

 Southern California 2003 Wildfires telephone equipment. Southern California Wild Fires

This site is dedicated to the preservation of central office history and architecture.  If you have any information or would like to contribute pictures please feel free to email us at:

Would like to specially thank Hugh Hamilton for his exchange name lists and wonderful memory of central office history!       

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Missouri Central Offices 139 COs
Alaska Central Offices
1 CO
New Jersey Central Offices 22 COs
Arizona Central Offices
82 COs
New Mexico Central Offices 12 COs
Arkansas Central Offices
33 COs
 Nevada Central Offices   46 COs
California Central Offices
437 COs
North Carolina Central Offices 46 COs
Colorado Central Offices
10 COs
North Dakota Central Offices                     2 COs
Delaware Central Offices
  3 COs
Oklahoma Central Offices                    6 COs
Florida Central Offices
  2 COs
Oregon Central Offices   39 COs
Georgia Central Offices
  1 CO
Pennsylvania Central Offices                   4 COs
Hawaii Central Offices
4 COs
South Dakota Central Offices 8 COs
Idaho Central Offices
14 COs
Tennessee Central Offices 10 COs
Illinois Central Offices
28 COs
Texas Central Offices     13 COs
Kansas Central Offices
15 COs
Utah Central Offices    23 COs
Maryland Central Offices
19 COs
Virginia Central Offices      149 COs
Michigan Central Offices
46 COs
Washington Central Offices 73 COs
Minnesota Central Offices
8 COs
Wash DC Central Offices     8 COs
Mississippi Central Offices
9 COs


Mexico Central Offices

1 CO


CANADA Canadian Central Offices      8 CO's