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Area code was split from the original Washington State area code 206 on January 1, 1957. The boundary of the code roughly follows the Cascade range and all telephones to the east up to the state boundaries and established to serve Eastern Washington including Wenatchee, Tri-Cities, Spokane and surrounding regions. Area was originally served by Home Telephone & Telegraph Co, then Pacific Telephone & Telegraph in 1935, became Pacific Northwestern Bell in 1961, then USWest in 1984 after the divestiture. USWest became Qwest in 2000 and the current company CenturyLink in 2011. Many independent companies also formed during the years and most have been absorbed and merged into the current Frontier Communications Northwest.  It is interesting to note the 509 area code has not been split or changed in almost 50 years.


Frontier Communications remote switch hosted by the Wenatchee Office.


Frontier Communications digital switch.


Frontier Communications remote switch hosted by the Wenatchee office. Serves this quaint little German themed town, Leavenworth at the eastern base of the Cascade Mountains. Office blends in well with German themed facade.


This is the tandem office for the Wenatchee region. Was once considered a Class 4 Toll Center under the Direct Distance Dialing plan with direct trunk groups to its host the Yakima Primary Center. The office is host to numerous remotes using a D12 Northern Telecom Host. It's interesting to note that this office per the CLLI code still uses an analog switch for telephone call processing?!

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